Chakra Awakening Program

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7 Week Holistic Chakra Mastering Program
7 Week Workshop that focuses on the everyday practice of aligning your chakra system. The Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that are held in our light bodies. This system is intricately connected to the limbic system in our body directly impacting the vital functions of physical, mental, emotional and overall health. The key to balancing the chakras lies in simple and direct practices that assist you to removing blockages, chords, and energetic smog that have collected in them over the years. In this workshop Ashante Fernandes Holistic Lifestyle Consultant will be utilizing simple, effective, and easy to follow practices that will unlock the mysteries of your chakra health.

Join us as we take a cosmic journey through your chakra system with the intent to heal mind, body, and spirit.
This Workshop Includes...
1 Chakra Analysis Consultation + Reading
2 Spiritual Coaching Sessions
3 Reiki Sessions
Chakra Awakening Activity and Worksheet Guide
Chakras and Crystal Guide
Chakras and Food Guide
A 8 Crystal Chakra Pack
Weekly Group checkins
Anytime Facebook or Google+ group access

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****VIP Package upgrade available...
VIP Package Includes
2 Additional Coaching Sessions
2 Additional Reiki Sessions
Chakra Journal
Chakra Healing Bracelet
Root Chakra Tea